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My first work done in flash (that's actual flash animation, unlike the previous stop-frame scans), but not too bad for a first-timer. This took me about a month to complete. Still unsure if this will actually be made into a full-fledged series of cartoons. Well, if the theme song alone is half a meg, I can only imagine what a full episode would be.

The music is by a local band called intoxilirium (myspace.com/intoxilirium ), for which I was hoping to make a cartoon revolving around. Whatchu think?

The lyrics, in case you can't quite understand a few parts:
1, 2, 3, 4
Breaking down walls with incredible force
And fighting off the elderly so they run away
Dangerous acts with lots of explosives
And slaying the dragon for he must pay
Looking out for all the bad guys
And making some ducks out of clay
Building a shelter for the children
And running all around til we turn grey
Playing lots of video games and making some music,
And wearing pink bandanas but we're not gay,
Just in the nick of time in your moment of despair intoxilirium saves the day


Not bad

it was ok, made me lol reading the lyrics but i couldn't understand it in the animation wich you probably already know

Pretty good

I liked it, but the animation couldn't make up for the fact that the sound was just too hard to comprehend.

If you haven't had the lyrics down on your author comments I would've just thought they were speaking jibberish.

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1.94 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2008
4:40 AM EST
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