Homestead opening

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EDIT: Sorry, a frame got added to a few of the layers somehow and a couple things were off, but I have fixed that.
This is the opening to one of my series coming out. It will be part of a segment show directed by TJ Null. It's gonna be comedy/action and the humor will be something like a cross between Family Guy and Home Movies. Leave lots of comments, please! I want to create some buzz about



Man, for putting my song in it!! I Love you! thanks so much! my moms proud

hmmmmm this could work

this has great potential i can c itif you can put your mind to it you could probably put in a lot of god jokes...
mayb you could add a charector that could help out and just weild a book of magic spells that can obliterate your enemies instantly... some one like...oh i dunno...a sage? >.>
what?dont look at me
or a guy weilding a giant sowrd or handaxe or a bo-staff....i like the sage idea...
dangit i wish i had flash with me right now D=<
You can make this really good i know you can.
Keep up the good work.

Baseballing (BaseBALL&lt;-!!)

Shining cheese and dear ugly ABBY!!! What on heavens hath did BASEBALL come to NG For. Basketball was moe better, even sitting and staring at a wall beats this. If i could change the name to "Boston Socks, Eat It Up" it would be Today, Red Sox eat cow dung...SERIOUSLY (or is it the Yankees im talking about!)

I see what you...

...are trying to do and thats cool. But if you plan to do it like this you should end each one with a cliffhanger. Good stuff anyway.

Looks alright.

Gave you a 4 for decent animation, good art and great potential. Unfortunately, most of these things don't pick up at all, after the artist realizes he/she bit off more than they could chew after 3 months of work and 1 1/2 minutes of animation.
Hope this is different, good luck.

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Jan 5, 2008
6:06 PM EST
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