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Luncheon of the Dead

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Author Comments

Luncheon Of The Dead is a survival style Real Time Strategy game, wherein you control 9 defenders trapped inside a mall. Your job is to survive as long as is possible. You must scrounge for supplies (ammo, medikits and debris) in the stores of the mall, build walls of debris to hold back the shambling hordes and position your defenders to shoot the zombies without getting eaten. Upgrades can be purchased along the way to give your defenders a leg up, and if things get too hairy, you can always drop a Molotov Cocktail and BBQ some zombies!

- Mouse To Select Units
- Choose Command from sidebar (or use hotkeys)
- Click in playfield to issue command.
- Click Red Up-Arrow Buttons to Buy Upgrades for Units/Debris/Molotov Cocktails

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Good game simple yet awesome with tons of variety during gameplay

I discovered this as a facebook game a year ago.
I loved it despite its uncut-feeling, and still do!
The great thing about this is that its beautifully simple, yet has room for lots of different tactics to be tested hundreds of times! THAT is why this is addictive!
It's a game that's got all the fundamentals it needs for me to easily forgive the seemingly-rushed finish. In fact, I love it all the more for that; it makes me feel like I'm playing an alpha for something even better to come.....?
Survival; addictive; and competitive if playing against friends for high-scores.


this is a decent zombie game and its very addicting and nicely detailed but here are some things you can improve on: add more space this is a mall not a 711 enable finding of other survivors and weapons and more zombie variants.
other than that great job i can't wait for a sequel

I Just Can't Stop Playing

I like this game! REALLY FUN! Get some of them to gather supplies while the rest fight off the undead. Simple...right? WRONG! Build up there stats, use junk to build barricades. and sit back and watch these little guys fight off a horde of never ending zombies. I got to tell you, you did great!
I think you should make another game like this.

i played it until i got bored

this is an awesome game with awesome gameplay
but at end the only way to keep the zombies at bbay is debris and if you stop making it for 20 seconds youre done for

still its great

Credits & Info

4.54 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2008
4:23 PM EST