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I Hate Snowmen

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I've been working on this on and off during this Christmas break. I wish I could have finished it alot sooner, but i've been busy.

I would really appreciate it if you guys still recommended it for the Chirstmas 07 collection. Thanks

Basically some dude just hates snowmen so much that he goes around killing them.

Poor snowmen. They aren't even alive you heartless monster!

Uh... anyways... Enjoy the movie.

[EDIT: Nov 18, 2020] Seriously, yes, I am coming back to this movie this far after! LexRodent has been a real gem, and helping me rescore some old submissions that had copyrighted music before. A HUGE thanks to them for doing this! I am so happy to have this silly old cartoon available again.

It used to have Gold Saucer, and "Hand of Blood" by Bullet for My Valentine

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nice nice

when day i wish i could animate like you
btw whats the name of teh song?

Noodle responds:

I'm not that great, there are definately better role models *blushes*

Song is called Hand of Blood by Bullet For My Valentine


I really like this movie, it's great animation and the concept is funny. I like how he sees snowmen in the distance that are small from the perspective, but when he's running over them you realize that they're just small snowmen. Anyway, nice job on this, it's good!

Noodle responds:

Thank you Noxxy boy. Always glad to hear from you.
That little distance shot with the blurring is my brothers favorite section

Good short

what do you think about the idea for a snowmen collab? I would like it. the animation style was simple but very effective and everything was real funny. Good job.


Noodle responds:

Funny thing you should ask, this was originally going to be a collab.
I wanted to host my collab, and I thought, "wouldn't be cool if people made videos of them killing snowmen?"
But I realized I had enough to make my own full length movie. So instead of sharing my idea, I horded it to myself like a greedy man, and made it solo.


That was kind of silly, the drawing was pretty good in parts as was the animation, thought there is the one part where he seems to suddenly dwarf the snowmen, like he's suddenly grown, that was odd unless you ment it to be like that. Otherwise the rest of it was good with the verious ways of destorying the snowmen, although some seemed pointless, lol.

A funnier ending was expected though, I mean this is nothing wrong with the way it does end as it is but I think there could have been a diffrent ending to it that would have been more intresting. Eh, overall though, pretty silly but well do in a way, music kind of fit in too.



= Review Request Club =

Noodle responds:

For that reall short, almost "crippled" snowman, it was on purpose.
I asuume you mean the little guy he flamethrowers. I handed my brother a paper and said, "draw a crappy snowman"
And he whipped that off before I could blink, so then I drew a recreation of it into the movie.

I do plan on making a sequel. So I didn't want any really concrete endings. If I did anything to out there, I wasn't sure if I would have enough room to continue


Great movie, nice to look at, and fun

The graphics were quite impressive, most notably the blurring effect that you use, very pretty, a treat fot the eye.

The audio, while it doesn't seem so in the beginning, is basically a music video, and even though it doesn't even seem like one, it really does work well. Even comming in with some syncing

Overal the story, if you can count it like dat, is a bit random, but is quite funny, seeing the different snowmen being "killed"

=Review Request Club=

Noodle responds:

When I was animating, I already had my song picked out. And for the showdown, and like 1 or 2 other parts, I tried matching the music more.
It shows the most in the showdown, flashing between the two

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4.62 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2008
3:41 PM EST