Shake It For Me

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This is potentially the first of many soca videos produced by Ted Sandiford of Acid Kreationz. This video was prepared over the period of two days. Music was performed, produced and mastered by Sherwinn Brice (Dupes)


I'm not sure what to say...

I can't just use one word to describe this video. I loved the song. The beat and the verse of the song is real catchy. This video has one of the best Hip-Hop songs that I've heard for quite some while. You're ability with body motions is just jaw dropping! When I saw how the girls were dancing and how the Basketball players were dunking I realized right away that your ability with flash animation is FAR above average. I think that this deserves a higher score than what it is given. I hope that you eventually make a flash that has a plot, storyline, and some creative characters. I'll leave you with this good sir, I liked this flash and it forever has a spot on my favorites.

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Good Job

I'm impressed, it was really well done in its own right, but this is great when you consider that it is your first submission to the Portal. The fact that the lip movements don't match up with the words at times and the video is slightly longer than the movie are forgivable, but you may want to try and work on both in future projects. One thing though, please add in a "Play Again" button at the end of the movie rather than just having it loop back again. Please keep making flash, you appear to have a talent at flash animations that will only get better with more practice.

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It was Fantastic. The storyline and the song.

This is a one to watch.

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2.93 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2008
3:10 PM EST
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