rock-FLY 2

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this is a film about a apoctoliptic dream world were nothing is as it seems... I would really like to here reviews!!!


It's not so great.

It could have been done better.
This is an okay Flash.

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hahah that was so bad

ehh, my review

3: starting score

Story +1.5, Although this wasn't well told, there is alot of room for a great story in here, somwhere.

sound/acting -0.5, the music was ok, but looped poorly, plus the roaring seemed out of place.

animation -1.5, this was hard to watch, art sometimes come naturally, but often it doesn't, practice hard, you'll get better.

Verdict 2.5/5
Vote 2/5

Original, but could use improvement

I'm a fan of the music, and the graphics are okay (I imagine you used a mouse rather than a tablet, but nice use of gradient) - I think others are right in saying it could use a voice-over, and if you just fixed a few of the glitchy sections, it might flow better.

I liked the mystical story and style, however - very much like an old legend or folk tale.


It isn't done too well as far as graphics go. And your choice for a font didn't match the story being told.

The story was also very strange, but I gave you points for effort.

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2.59 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2008
8:38 AM EST
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