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Deus Ex Madness Ep.1

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Author Comments

Here it is, i was getting audio bugs part way through, so i had to cut it short. but what i have is still good. YES THIS IS STILL MADE IN POWERPOINT.

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I got an account here just to tell you how great that flash is; I love it. Models were pretty bland but the flash itself is damn funny. We need moar DX flash.
Is there a part 2 around?

WCCC responds:

Sadly part 2 was abandoned, and I also suspect that either someone has been getting a lot of people to vote 0 on this daily, as this had an original score of 3.00+ and I have had perhaps too much contact with the LL. And the other thing I suspect is that people are just really damn retarded and vote low on something becasue they don't understand it.

*Whistles Deus Ex theme*

Not bad, for something done in Powerpoint, and using stock Madness characters. Animation was good for Powerpoint, albeit, slightly rough, and the jokes were pretty funny, since I recently bought and currently love Deus Ex.

Good work. Would like to see more from you, if you're still active.

5/5 and 10/10. since I'm a sucker for anything Deus Ex related.

WCCC responds:

thanks, you're one of a very small percentage of people who can see how much effort was really put into this. you can find me on DXMP under the name WCCC, im usually hanging around karky's and MIRK's servers.

good job nice jokes

nice animation (for PP), i liked the jokes in it. as i played deus ex myself i actually understand most of them. but you forgot that if you killed an unatco trooper the robots would kill you.

PS. this game (Deus Ex)rocks it was the one of the first (if not the first) non linear shooter,still play it today!

WCCC responds:

awesome me too, and if you wait until the troop patrols down to the end of his path, then take him out, you'll get away with it.

Certainly Well Done

I definetly think this was one hell of a flash. Considering it was made on powerpoint, and not flash, it's very well done. It could of been done a lot better on a flash drive though, but either way, i think it's still a good flash, and i can't down comment it do to it being done on different software. Good Job!

WCCC responds:

thanks you really seem to understand what i have to wrk with and how much effort i put in

I gotta admit

I was gonna blam it (but did'nt), but for making that in powerpoint it was amazing! If you can do animations like that in powerpoint who knows what you can make with some actual animation software!

WCCC responds:

thanks i work hard, and that's my secret