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Onyxia Wipe Club {WoW}

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{**UPDATE**: Please Reccomend this for the Warcraft Collection! }

This recaps the now legendary tale of an epic raid on Onyxia's lair in World of Warcraft,
Used with permission from original author (may have viewed this before.)
(The guy you hear's account on WoW is "Dive" from the guild "WIPE CLUB".)
If you're not a WoW nerd here's a glossary:

Onyxia = A Large Dragon Boss
Whelps = Small Dragons
DPS = Damage Per Second
Aggro = Annoying the dragon too much
DOTs = Damage over time spells
Nuke = Normal attack spell
DKP = Dragon Kill Points - used to claim your share of loot.

here is a list of other clips from them
http://koti.mbnet.fi/djco wio/

Their guild website use to be

Also, here is an interview with Dives
http://www.kotaku.com/gam ing/feature/wow-profile-t his-years-leeroy-jenkins-

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Moar DoT's

Ok sotp DoT's. Many whelps, Handle it! Whatever teh fuck. This is great!


i laughed so hard but on a serious note this guy needs to get a life its just a game yeah its fucking hard but whatever roll with it


onixia was awosomene back then isnt it?

i laugh my ass off