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The Stick Showdown Collab

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Well, i can't believe it's finally here!
About a month ago, i started a collab about stick fighting. Though this was a little unoriginal, the responses were awesome. I couldn't believe it. After that month, we had made a bunch of parts. I squished them all into one file, making it out to be about 4mb, pretty small for this collab.
I'd like to thank:


Enjoy and please vote 5.

Oh and it would be cool if you could put this in the *cough* stick section *cough* *sneeze* ng collabs section *sneeze*

EDIT: This will run a little slow on high quality depending o your computer, so try setting it to medium.
EDIT AGAIN: Bad reviews are NOT constructive, so if you want to talk crap, take it to the KittyKrew forums .

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Awesome Stick Showdown!

Man, that was so awesome!! Everything was awesome! Nice Job!!

Good job guys!

Really a very cool animation, but I like Muharrem17's animations, doomshock's first animation also the best ones were farfenwaffle's ones, but KingKombat's ones were crap, but very nice, maybe why KingKombat's animations were dumb, was why he didn't do collab 3, but Very awesome but not as good as the 3rd one :)

Song Please

Hey KingKombat Can you tell me the name of that song sounds cool!

Sucks !

Animations Sucks !

nice work

yer it was good thank god u made a series cus it was verry good

great work