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Socialist World Republic

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Socialist World Republic - by Kenzu Milagro
An epic movie filled with symbolism about the battle for freedom and equal rights!
(With english and german subtitles)

This epic movie portrays two ideologies fighting each other. The ideology of GREEDY SELFISHNESS and the ideology of EQUAL RIGHTS.

The maggot king, desperate to acquire even more wealth looks for new opportunities. And these opportunities lie in the east, where the people have still not been enslaved by the greedy empires. Producers (Pigs) are happy about a possible war, because they will be able to gain a lot of profit on cheap labor and the war ministers (Spiders) are happy as well, because a war means that they will wield more soldiers and thus more power!

Everyone will be better of. So it seems, but no one asked the people. Although they are over 99% of the population, they will gain nothing from a war, only suffering and death. Unwilling to go to war, the government brainwashes them to brain-dead fleas and so they assault the Soviet Lands.

However the people of the USSR are determined to liberate their motherland from the white empires. Because only when the red flag is victorious, only then all people around the world will become free. With their red flags they enlighten the fleas who are able to think freely once again and turn back to humans. As such, they turn their rifles against their rulers and change the society into a democratic socialist one. All countries unite and form the Socialist World Republic. Eternal peace and friendship has come!

Music: Der heimliche Aufmarsch
East German song sung by Ernst Busch

PLOT: White flags symbolise the white movement against the red army, the four flags USA, UK, FRANCE and JAPAN symbolise the countries which have sent soldiers to fight Soviet Union. Later the is a Panzer III, a nazi tank fighting against allies. This time USSR, USA, UK and FRANCE fight together against fascism! In the end they win and some centuries later all people of all nations unite in eternal peace!

PS: If you enjoyed this flash, please submit it to MUSIC VIDEOS in TOONS and EXPERIMENTAL in COLLECTIONS. Thank you! I wish you Happy New Year!

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Nice work.

About the Tank

How did you make the 3D tank? It's cool. And what I like about the tank is that it's a german Panzer IV.

Very Nice

Great video comrade keep the fight alive!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would play this to the Weimars.

Better Communism than fascism...
Anyway cool song...

My emoticon rating ]}=

-The NewKing

Review (unique)

Hell, if I had an time machine, I'd download this song, take my ghetto blaster and go to year 1919-20.

There, I'd go to industrialized western parts of Germany, in the Rhineland and the Northwestern parts, and blast it, potentially causing the workers to rise the same way they did in Berlin and Munich, there would probably have been a Communist revolution.

While not being a communist, I certainly would want to see the world today if Spartacus League (and bros) had succeeded. Impossible? Very likely. Awesome? You bet.

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4.44 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2008
3:23 PM EST