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I made this tutorial due to a promise I made to atleast two people who saw one of my submissions and asked about how I kept it more secure. There is no music, as I made it in a hurry.

If you do not find this helpful, then please don't flame me, I only made this due to the promise that I made above(I am an adolecent man of my word)

I based some of the coding off of other tutorials here(I had to learn from somewhere) So if you see anything that looks similar to code that you put in a tutorial, then just post here.(The code was slightly altered to be more universal. And other code was completly original.)


Very Good!

Helped me fix up my game thanks! And to the people who say add music and better graphics... It's a tutorial not a music video.

Not.. Horrible

Little jaggy. Contect was off center. Easy to navigate... Don't have much else to say. I agree that it was a bit too quiet, but if you do put in music, the option to turn it off would be nice.. It's annoying if you have an in your face soundtrack that you can't run away from..

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Cjross313 responds:

What "Contect"?

cool beans.

yeah, i dont really make flash stuff, but this is pretty informative for people trying to stop people like me. me, being someone who hits tab a lot during games.

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Cjross313 responds:

Muwahahah! Your days of tab-hitting are over! >=D

Well damn.

That was an excellent tutorial that works really well. I'm going to have to use this in my future games. Thanks a lot! Just add music to this, lol.

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Cjross313 responds:

I might add music if more people complain about it.

Bit dull, but informative

The graphics were kinda dull, but it was okey to work with it. It was very informative, and i just learned a things or 4.

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2.55 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2008
12:26 PM EST
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