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choose your fate (nick)

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i made this movie with jeff eagle, he has already submitted it on his account so please vote equally. ask him we did not steal from each other.



This was interesting and amusing at the same time, and looks to be a re-submission from a prev one art is fitting to the year sound aswell, but overall the game could be longer and with more options.

As mentioned above could use much more options aswell as being longer.



terrible simply terrible

Not good in my opinion...

Simply made no sense, I mean what the heck was going on anyway, and why would he invite me into his gang if I made fun of him?

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HA HA HA! i was laughin my head off......AT IT. Try harder when you submit stuff. gave me a good laff tho......but still, its sumthing that you'll only wanna see once

A pointless resubmission.

The person you worked on this with had already submitted it, so there really was no point in it being submitted again as it was the exact same thing. Just one of you should have submitted it and you should have quoted that the other user also worked on it.

As this is the exact same submission as 'choose your fate' here's my review for that with a slight addition to it that I forgot to add when I wrote it:

The idea to the game was a good one, okay it had already been done, but that was alright, anyway while the idea was good and the actual game wasn't too bad, the outcomes were just really stupid and they didn't make sense at all, in order to win you had to insult the robber, then he asked you to join his gang then you beat him up and mugged him, wtf? That just didn't make sense at all and it was just really stupid, it would have been much better if you'd done this more seriosuly instead of trying to make it violent. The beat him up game was very poorly done as it was impossible to lose and instead of just being able to click on him repeatedly you had to click once, wait for ages, then click again and then just leave him, it took me a while to work it out that you had to just do nothing in order to complete it, so you should have just had so that you have to click on the guy a certain amount of times in order to beat him instead. One of the options didn't work properly, if you said that you had loads of money, the robber said that you were lying and the game just stopped, you didn't get shot and you weren't given another option, you should have made sure that this worked properly before you submitted it. The sound quality of the voices were very poor and you also had your mouth too close to the microphone. (Added part)I liked the idea of having the anger meter to show how angry the robber was, you didn't have to have it there but you did and it made the game just seem that bit better for it.

Peace Out, Afro Stud

1/5(What this submission deserves in terms of how good it was)

As this had already been submitted I shall be voting 0, as you shouldn't ahve submitted this due to the fact that it had already beem submitted, sorry but those are my rules, the same applies to my review score, that's why I've given you all 0's.

0/5(What I shall be voting for this submission)

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1.90 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2000
3:03 PM EDT
Action - Other