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'The land of Syria is on the brink of destruction. It is up to those who remain to oppose the tyrannical Infany tribe and bring an end to the conflict.'

The trailer was completed for college using scenes we had already animated for the first episode. Note that quite a few scenes are unfinished, especially some of the backgrounds. We hope you enjoy the trailer and watch the series starting in 2008.

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Interesting. Kinda reminded me of the old He-Man cartoons from my youth. Mostly, it's the logo on the armor, I think. Looks too spacey and not midevil at all.

The male characters looked like clones when they were all lined up like that. Or maybe action figures, hehe. I liked the transformation sequences. I was just starting to think "how could the village be the last bastion of humanity if their opponents are also human," when they started to shed their clothes and pounce. Good stuff.

One suggestion: If you're going for drama, google the Voice Acting Alliance. It's a forum of hobbyist voice actors and actresses whom I've found tend to do better work than most professional Voice Actors in the cartoon industry these days.

Your own voice (or the voice of whomever was speaking in this) is a little slushy around the S's. I noticed it in some of your other toons, too, but it's more of a deal-breaker when drama is the goal.

Overall, it seems like an interesting concept for a combat-centric cartoon series. Sort of the dark side of those old 80's cartoons, where the sword swings actually connect and blood goes everywhere. Could be very powerful, but only if the voice acting sounds sincere and believible.

Also, make sure there is some human interest in the characters, or else it's just a bunch of mooks fighting a bunch of werewolf mooks. Google TV Tropes for more information about avoiding cliches, averting them, or twisting them to your advantage. You're good at writing dialogue, but this trailer leads me to believe you might be a newbie at actual storytelling. Learn from what other storytellers have done with the movie format, and you'll go far, indeed.

Three down. :) One to go. Reviewing TurboGamingDelux now...

Going to be an awesome work

Congrats, I think it's an examplary work.
Keep up the way you do it, keep being elaborate, and soon you'll have fans!
I'd like to underline how strong the graphics are, relatively (although there are some sketches). I'd also like to encourage you to experiment some more, with scenery changes, or "camera movement", and with sounds. All in all, it deserves a strong 4.


Man, everything was wonderful, the graphics, the voice acting, EVERYTHING, it's a shame it is just a trailer, but I really hope someone makes a game out of this movie!!!!

Woot, my 5 R goes to this!

BorrisMoose responds:

Funny you should say that, I'm currently doing a games development course. Maybe one day I will get around to making a game of it. Thank you for the review.


10/10 i cant wait for the full version that was awesome. I'm voting on all the movies under judgment this move is what i call "hard to follow"

cam't wiat until it comes out

The only reason that can't wait is that theres werewolves in it. Good job though!

BorrisMoose responds:

Yeh werewolves are pretty cool. The full episode will not disappoint you in that department, I promise.
Thanks for the review.

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3.56 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2007
12:21 PM EST