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You play every time the words on the list will be different. Here is a hint key when you push it you can get one hint letter but you need lose some score points. Find all the words before time runs out. the words can run horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and even
backwards. Select each word by clicking on the first letter and dragging your mouse along the word. When you reach the end of the word, let up on the mouse button. If you find a word on the list then that word will light up a lamp . Good luck!
The next version of this game will add more funny features:)

one idea is : add fighting point to this game, you can beat enemy by finding words, if you find one word your character will do a combo attack! and also add a high score page save people's scores.


A bit dull.

Despite the fact that this submission has a serious flaw, the idea in general is pretty crappy. I mean, don't you remember doing word searches and stuff like that, in school and hating them? Nontheless the graphics weren't very good in this, and they didin't add to the overall fun of this submission. You could pretty much use hint the whole way through too, which is kinda lame. Not a fun submission.

about the scoring...

since it doesn't go negative, I can press hint till everything is revealed, then go on to take a perfect score o.0

What can I say?

The game was really ugly, the whole pink and green thing was really off-putting, not to mention the music. (hey, you really don't need music in a game like this)
Apart from that, the gameplay was obviously very uninspired!

Maybe try taking the word-find format to a new level with some kind of 'speed round' or some such gimmick.

Victboy responds:

Thanks , your advices is very helpful for me, I 'll add more funny features like you say :)

Simple idea...

But very, very effective... The fact that the words and grid change are an exceptional touch for those who want to play again for a challenge, and the graphics were all smooth and well presented. Maybe some sort of "award" could be given to those who complete it rather than just a "well done", or a place where high scores could be saved would add that little bit extra. Overall though, nice work! :)

Victboy responds:

Thanks, I 'll create a high score page to save people's scores, and I have some funny ideas like add fighting point to this game, if one word is found your character will attack your enemy once, then you can beat your enemy by finging all the words. I will release new version of this game soon!.

Crashed my browser

Yeah, so it crashed my Firefox. Thought you'd wanna know.
Otherwise, pretty fun, if you're the kind of, umm, person who finds word searches fun.
Nice work.

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3.24 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2007
12:20 PM EST
Puzzles - Other