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Author Comments

A short Flash conceived purely out of boredom, not intelligence.

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Nice animation

So thia was a nice animation here some fun moments and overall refreshing with the entertaining moments so nice job on this flick


(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
The graphics were impressive. The drawings were good, and so were the animations. I thought you did a swell job on the lip syncing too. The ending to this was kind of funny. Also, nice and short.

^^Needs Improving^^
I watched it twice, because I thought I was missing something, but it appears as if I wasn't. Not really a great joke, but still comical enough.

Short but funny

Good movie, but a big build up kinda turned into a very strange joke..

The animation was good, nice style and smoothly done. Nice comicly drawn people, good work.

The sound was the major good point about your movie, it was very clear, and well done. Even though there was points when you could hear the clicking of mice, but it's still reall really good.

The joke was quite funny, nice & random too. A little lack lustre at the end but nice build up.

Overall a very decentmovie, just little improvements here and there

=Review Request Club=


Short and comical. I love the plump style of animation, with the simple cartoonish look, the good choice of color and the smooth animation as well. Everything flows together nicely. Concept is good as well, unique and comical. Keep it up!


Not bad...

Graphics/Animation: 6
The drawing wasn't great for this movie, but it wasn't bad either. The only peeve I had was in some places the lines went a little too far on the character and when they were moving it really poked out and showed. I understand, though, that this was meant to be more of a cartoony type of move so I'm not going to kill the score with points based on a "supreme" style of drawing, but at the same time I need to point out that there needs to be a little cleaning up done around the characters. Not bad here, a 6/10 isn't bad based around the way I rate graphics/animation.

Audio: 7
The Audio here wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. Again, it was more of a comedy/cartoony flash, so I'm not grading strict at all for this category. The voice acting was really good, and I really liked the wife's more high pitched voice, even if she only had a quick line to deliver. But overall, the sound wasn't bad at all here, so nice job.

Humor: 7
I'm not hard to please when it comes to humor usually, but my score is based more around the fact that this flash had hard to get type of humor. Maybe I'm just dumb, but I watched the movie 3 times so that I could actually get the joke, and on the third time I actually got it and laughed. Sometimes though, it's better to have easy humor for the sake of the viewer. But not bad, I even found the main character funny, the way he acted. Nice job.

Originality: 9
Well definitely original, as I haven't seen anything like this in the portal, so it was a good story, but just a little too short in my opinion. But if these types of jokes are your style, then stick with them because they're the types of jokes that once you understand you're like "woah, that was better than I expected!"

Overall: 7/10
A 7/10 definitely isn't a bad score, it means you have a lot of potential to create a good series of flash movies (though I doubt that's what you were planning on making out of this). But it was a good flash, and I really enjoyed the humor. Just remember that to please the viewer you have to think of what would please you to see in a flash as well.

\Review Request Club/

Credits & Info

3.48 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2007
10:01 PM EST