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A unique game where you have to destroy a number of bombs. To do that you must trigger a chain reaction between the blowgunz.

PS: It's very hard.

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Id say better than the delux

great game, really original :D


Thought it was pretty good, although the same thing level after level gets tedious. I didn't think it was all that hard. Kind of hard, maybe, wih a development issue that made it easier. I'll explain after I critique the rest of the games angles.

The graphics were decent for this game. It doesn't need to have a lot of detail and the simple interface/details were perfect.

It had no music, needs a bit of music. Something hard rock (not nu metal or anything contemporary, it lacks the edge).

Control was simple, mouse moves/fires. Needed nothing more.

Now for the problem. Your 'blowgunz' weren't far enough apart. If one activated all three sets within a short amount of time then one can destroy more than one target per round, leaving enough time in between targets to reload, and reactivate the sets. Spreading them out further would go a long way to prevent this from being exploited. Just a little feedback, I know it sounds snooty.

Good game, thought it was fun.


Level 5 is impossible, IMPOSSIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Graphics good, difficulty fucked up ! 4/5 7/10.


To star off, I can't say that I will ever come back to this submission, although this game isn't bad, it just dosen't seem to have that it factor about it, to truly lift this game to greatness. The graphics in this game were solid, and didin't look bad, and if anything added to the gameplay. The gameplay itself was unique and fun to play, if your into that sort of thing, which I wasn't. Overall, a good game you made, even if it isn't something everyone will like.

Very hard.

Wow, you have to time it perfectly or you lose... good game, will keep someone occupied for hours. 8/10.