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Music video about the song "Mr. Jones" from Sui Generis. I made it year's ago in Flash 4, when I barely know how to make an animation, but still the final result was satisfactory, even though has some details that need to be fixed.

Video clip de la canción "Mr. Jones o pequeña semblanza de una familia tipo americana" de Sui Generis. La hice hace un par de años en Flash 4, en esa época apenas sabía como hacer una animación, pero aún así el video me quedó bastante bien, aunque, tal vez, algún día debería corregirle algunos detalles.

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It's sticks, but with style. They have human features to them.
I don't see what people are hating. It's just your style or animating.
I thought that the backgrounds are such were really good.
I enjoyed it all around. 10/10

Not bad

I wouldn't say I like this, but I do like the animation.
the charecters are quite unique as well.
The charecters were a little strange in a bad way, but good.

Compared to most, this was very decent, and you did a good job.
It was entertaining, and I found it interesting.

I would say you deserve a 3, because this was less than I expected, but still decent.
However, when the police car came into the scene, I was a little disapointed.
I feel that you could have spent a little more time designing that.- and you need to work on that next time for shure.

good job. and remember : next time, charecter design.



Although this type of submission isn't anything new, it was certinley made well, and fun to hear/ watch. The gore in this submission was slightley less affective then what it could have been simply because of the fact that it was sticks. I have seen many a flash done in this style before, and cause a lot better mood with it not being sticks. Now that's not to say that this submission is bad, or the graphics are bad. The graphics are actually quite niceley detailed and it's actually quite a good submission. Overall, well I didin't like this submission all that much, it was good, but to me it seemed like just another one of those "Meh" Submissions.


I was surprised to see the video was nothing what I expected. I should have read the author comments. Based on the flash I give you a 7 for the visuals going along with the video for the song.

I thought it was going to be Mike Jones - "Mr. Jones" but it was by Sui Generis. Other than the choice of music I thought the flash was great :)

quirky, but pretty good

haha i liked the gruesome violence with the upbeat musical background, very nice.

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4.00 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2007
10:12 PM EST
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