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3 Maze Game

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I already posted this game once but it totally got blammed :(... One of the comments said that one of the problems was that there was a lack of sound. So... i paid a visit to the audio portal and got a few songs for the game. I hope it at least makes it a little better. And yes the game is still easy if you cheat... Try to enjoy this game at least a little bit.

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I cheated

You can cheat by right clicking then put your mouse on level you could make more levels that would be good and if you cheat you die I hope this is helpful

an okay game

the only thing is it says you suck if you lose and also there is a music error when you click on a level the music keeps playing and you hear 4 or 5 different music playing at once

too easy

u just right click and move ur cursor to the exit


GREATEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like these kinds of game, this was no exception. It was funny too because when you lose it says you suck. This was a great game, and keep it up!