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Colliso Puzzles

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In this puzzle game, players must slide tiles into the correct positions. When like tiles collide, they will be removed from the board. When different tiles collide, their colors will be swapped. Obviously, this has no effect if the tiles have the same color. In later levels, the tiles can come in black, white or red colors.

The player must remove all the tiles in a level to solve the puzzle. When a level is solved within an indicated number of moves, a bonus + level will be unlocked. In the bonus level, the player must clear the level four times consecutively - each time, the level may be flipped horizontally, vertically, or both ways. Just when you think you have solved a level, getting the level flipped may disorient and twist your mind! This release includes 10 carefully designed levels. If the flipped levels are counted, you get to solve 40 puzzles.

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I didn't enjoy this that much, probably because I'm no good at it. I do appreciate how it can be challenging. You really lost points with how there were no sounds. Yeah, I mention that a lot in my reviews. I just think it's true. I'm not sure what the name means.

I like how you describe a lot in the author's comments. It still didn't help me much. It could use more detail. Then again, that would just make it harder. I found it forgettable as did most people.


simple game, but rather hard, esp to unlock the + levels


fune and addicting 10/10

good game

i liked it, could be addicting to sum ppl

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4.58 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2007
11:55 AM EST