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DDR Keyboard RemiX v1.1

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UPDATE: v1.1
i have put on a diffrent song, so it will match the keys
im still trying to fix the skill level.
but thats what i have dun so far
keep the ideas coming!

thx for the votes fo far guys!

Heya! im Mark Hann, 1st time flash maker. this is a simple DDR flash game but keyboard style. you use the UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT keys to play. it may hav bugs im not to sure. I am making another style like this but with extra things.

i hope you guys enjoy it, its gr8 for passing time or if ya stuck in class lol an the teacher keeps passing by lol, for any info or wanna help collab with another game with the same style my myspace is, www.myspace.com/dirtytrix xxsta

cya gamers

1.1 updates
thx for the feedback so fair guys, yeh the bugs are
1. the music stops
2. starts off hard

i will make a diffrent versiosn i will names it DDR Keyboard Remix1.1
it will hav better setup an diffrent beat to go with the flow, if any1 wants to help out feel free.

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Needs Work

a little 2 fast


Appualing gameplay, i died when i missed 2 notes, needs some serious work

I've seen worse, but...

the music wasn't my taste, the arrows seemed a little off, and learn how to spell GREAT!


At first for some reason it wasn't loading right but eventually it worked right. But when it did I couldn't even get through more than 15 seconds of the song. Either because the buttons weren't recognizing or something. The first song here is rather hard considering I can't get past it. Make a song selection if you can and I would suggest allowing the person to continue playing even if the dance bar drops to 0. That's how I have my set up for my DDR in my room...But that's because I tend to play for the actual exercise benefit!! :O But yeah, work on it a little bit and your next version should do pretty well!


Little hard though don't you think? Make multiple levels, some easy some hard.

Credits & Info

2.68 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2007
2:11 AM EST