Random Nothingness

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First work out of boredom. Learning a program from scratch, sitting with a friend, doing voice and soundwork. Two caffeine drinks later, with considerable tooth-rot, I finished this.

I'm well aware of the quality of the piece, but I'd like feedback on the sounds and animations.

I reitterate, feedback on the sounds and animations would be helpful. God forbid anyone says this is quality, so help me get up to par.

Thanks Much.



Actually, I never noticed that pipe before... o.0

On to the "flash". Well, put simply, it's crap. Obviously no effort.

You could at least cut out the "YOU LIEK MAJIK?!" dude from his background using Photoshop (or MSPAINT!).

Passable, barely

Back when NG started, this would've been pretty decent, but the bar has been raised several times since then.

The art was... 'meh'... at best, but you admit you're just starting, though, so it's not a bad attempt, and better than many first-timers. The sound was pretty good though, which always seems to be the hard part, and put me in mind of the bits of filler animation from Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Just get your art up to snuff, get some coherency, and leave out the 'l33t' and you could have a pretty bright future at this, maybe even make some money out of it.

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NothingYet responds:

Thanks a lot for the positive feedback.

I'll be sure to remove any mocking l33t notations from upcoming submissions and work on my art.


You seem to know a little bit about flash, but please put some point in your flashes. It wasn't too bad, though.


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well, as the title says

That was random for sure!! but i liked, somehow /:s (this is a smiley face!!)

Next time, make sure you have a plot, and take your time, other than that, pretty good. OH! and also, speak a little louder.

You have potential, keep the good work

ps: yes, i did notice the pipe!! what is it for??? rofl

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as a matter of fact....

yiz ah lyke majik. as to your movie, ehh. decent sound quality and you had some ok drawings. toward the end though, i liked how you used the crappy pictures over crappy pictures. it was somewhat unusual and you did it in a style that almost worked. Ima gonna steal ur idea when i screw around with flash next and see what comes of it. thx 4 the inspiration.

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Dec 27, 2007
5:39 PM EST
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