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What NG is all About

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Hey, this took me about a week to make. It was my first attempt to make a flash movie. I used some bitmaps I could find of some of the more known characters on newgrounds. I am very sorry that there is no preloader. I tried to put one on, but when I would go to export it it froze my comp. Please put in your reviews what you think I could do to improve it. If you ever wondered how to download a movie from newgrounds that didn't have a download button, then click on Start, go to search (or sometimes find) and do a search for files and foldes. Search for temporary internet files and look through that folder. find the flash you want and simply drag it into another folder of your choice. I would love to hear any feedback you have for this via e-mail. Mine is Tinygiant88@cs.com! Finally I do not mean to anger anyone by the fact that their favorite person isn't in this movie. I have had people try to help me with trying to fix the syncing thru reviews and even coresponding e-mails with the great Wade Fulp. Also on some of my future flashes of this nature I will be sure to add him in as well as some of the chars that are suggested in reviews.

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like he said, great song, i used to listen to it, but not done to good, i still liked it in the sense that you acually made omthing worth watching, but it's been done already, and quite well i might add, try a little harder next time.

good song...

and good idea but badly executed


Oh dear. Theres nothing I can say apart from please stop!


that didnt tell me ng is about
now im thinking
what the hell was that about

needs work...

...it was good for a first, seeing as it wasn't blammed, thats always a good sign. It could use a lot of work, such as drawn characters rather than the ripped bitmaps. Keep tryin' and you could make some good stuff.

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2.68 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2002
7:51 PM EST