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DemiDraw V1.0

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DemiDraw is a a drawing program I made in flash, you can set the colour to ANY colour, change the opacity and the brush thickness, have a go, and vote.

reviews are helpful too!




I'll be be back in a week or so with a better version :D

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i think you did really well and i disagree with Dew, because the opacity and colour features are very handy, and is really good for a paint program

come on

ive saw other games by you and there way better than this this doesn't have much to use

Daioh responds:

quiet retard, this came before the other one.

Well. ..

Well I am sure it's a neat feature to make with flash, but in general the idea is pretty lame. First of all, you could draw outside the screen which left something to be desired. Not only that, but with no save feature you're basically wasting your time using it. A print option would also be cool to have. Nonethless, more options then just a brush would add more depth to this game. Like a straight line tool or something. Not only that, but general improvement in the menus would help, simply because it looks so bland and tasteless. Overall, not that great work, it seemed like it was just made to put on ng and that's not always a good thing.


i just drawed an **** and some ******** :).

hmm... plenty of room for improvement -_-;

Needs a save feature, first of all. Secondly, you could draw outside of the canvas, which was an annoying surprise after adjusting one of the sliders. Undo/redo button is necessary as well. You could also really benefit from a place to view your mixed color before applying it to the canvas.

Later on, after you're able to make something on par with MS paint, you should really look into a greater variety of brushes and, more importantly, layers. But for now, just work on mastering the basics.

Anyways, you're not there yet, but keep on working and I'm sure you can make something great.