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How SgtBash stole Crysis

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Author Comments

I started this about a month ago. I spent 3 hours making a couple scenes, another 3 hours remaking them. all grueling hardwork with the mouse. then once I got my new tablet I got the rest done in a 4 hour session. I hope to improve on my drawing style, please leave tips in reviews and PM's. Also, Please, if you want to phlame go ahead and do it, because I need some whistle points and NG stats get you laid.

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You have to be kiding...

Well, the artwork is horrible, gamers user to argue "graphics are not everything", but bad graphics can be compensated by a good story, concept and message, elements this animations do not have.

I will copy something you wrote long time ago, just to remember, the thinks you said should be thinks you also do, "talk" and "do" are two different things.

"The graphics are down, the characters look great. But this is getting into what celebrities end up doing, the old "everyone will love everything i put out because it is me". An experienced animator like yourself should know to never put out something that #1 you don't even think will be good and #2 you spent less than 2 days on. Well I guess people really do like it because it's you, with a 4.17 rating so far, but still I would have liked something that didn't leave me disappointed."

And I will repeat something imoprtant you said:

An experienced animator like yourself should know to never put out something that:
#1 you don't even think will be good
#2 you spent less than 2 days on

I expect you got the point know.

Lets open the mind first and keep the mouth close, ok?

I thought it was funny

I had a good laugh, and I get the jokes where it was coming from.

I mean 10 hours total right?

I only mention the length of time you worked on it cause you do in your comments so I expected something with alil more effort and was left disappointed.

SgtBash-RF3000 responds:

You pretty much hit right on the money. I wanted this in for christmas, so I ended up drawing half of it with a touchpad on a laptop and the other half when I unwrapped a new wacom for christmas. In a sad sort of way, this movie dissapoints people the way crysis ended up dissapointing me. Anyhow, thanks for the review.

Funny vid XD

Most people who hate people who cut themselves think they do it because they think its cool but most people do it because they cant cope with life and its actaully very sad funny vid tho ^^

SgtBash-RF3000 responds:

thanks, i'm glad you at least got a kick out of it


i love crysis to death but that was funny lolol. lets install this shit! ...3 hours later... what the hell is this shit?!

SgtBash-RF3000 responds:

Thanks for reviewing. I'm glad you had a laugh.


crysis pwns hard, you should just shut up and die in a fire

lol jk it was pretty ok

but crysis does pwn :P

SgtBash-RF3000 responds:

thanks, i guess. lol, I didnt really hate crysis that much but since my computer cant handle the amazing graphics, once you take away the graphics to me the gameplay was just meh. The real joke here is how I annoyed my friends to hell talking about how awesome this game was going to be. I annoyed them so much that I started making it worse by making fake emo poems to read to them about not having the money to buy it. Then when i finally bought it I was dissapointed.

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2007
8:12 PM EST