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Sonic's X-Mas Special 3

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Author Comments

Hello again Newgrounders. Yes I am still around. I have learned a lot in my animation and digital drawing classes these days.

I only hope I improved because I am working hard to. Thanks to everyone who supported me in the past.
(A note for the intro - if you havent seen the first two episodes the Grinch and Shadow have a vendetta agaisnt each other).

Merry X-Mas everyone!

Voice Acting Cast List:
Sonic and Knuckles: Kawttus
Tails: D-Mac Double
Amy: Rina-Chan
Grinch and Salesman: solidzaku
Cream: Wolfwings
Rouge: francinelouise
Eggman: Shockdingo
Voice actors are located at: www.voiceactingclub.com
PS: I do apologize to the director voice actor I took his part out for resons due to animation and the story nothing personal.

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Mooooooooooon Waaaaaaaaaaaaaalk

Anyone else notice knuckles was moon walking in the thought bubble?


i hope you get better on your animations soon dude, you need to approve, but i aint mean so i give ya a ten.




your animation improved slightly, but you still hve a long way to go. i do like rouge's voice, that was spot-on.