Debris Destroyer

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The government has put you in charge of clearing all of the space junk from Earth's orbit. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of useful stuff there, like satellites and such. You have to use your quick judgement to decide what to destroy and what to leave.
Also, when you destroy an object, debris flies out that goes in the approximate direction you shot it. This will destroy other objects and make chain reactions, so be careful!

Control your ship with the mouse and use spacebar to shoot. I put in the unusual aiming system for originality and to simulate the difficulty of aiming in orbit.

I was planning on putting more work into this game, but due to some time constraints I've decided to submit it now. Sorry if it seems thrown together. All music is from the NG Audio Portal.

You may need to turn down your graphics quality.

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Definitely fun for a few min.

but it does get repetitive quickly =( ┬┐how did they get an SUV in space? [or a dumpster for that matter?]?

Coffeeaddict99 responds:

It's space junk :)


fun in the beginning, but gets boring after 5 minutes. you should make the map bigger, put in some upgrades,and improve the graphics.Not that bad.

Just a couple problems

A nice concept, but one thing is that because of the explosion starting a chain, I can't not hit an astronaut or whatever if it's right behind debris. Same if it's right in front of it. Also, it should have been more challenging. Even killing all those astronauts and destroying those satellites, I'm still racking up points. But not a terrible game.

Coffeeaddict99 responds:

Don't worry about the astronauts, you work for the government after all the lawyers will handle it.

Great game.

Well this was a very well made game, and it was really fun as well. The only thing I would add would be different weapons with bigger or smaller destruction. Still this was an awsome game, keep it up, and Merry Christmas! :]

Good start

I liked it. Nice design, intuitive controls, easy to learn etc....

but it seemed more like the beginning of a game. It doesn't change too much. Maybe you can have it progress in complexity, add upgrades or levels -- just my $.02

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2.70 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2007
7:09 PM EST
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