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Rupee's SSBBish Clockmas

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Author Comments

I finally decided myself to make a movie 2 weeks ago,and this is the result.

I made the movie mostly in FBF(there is only a few tweens),about Super Smash Bros Brawl and there is a reference to Clockmas.

The movie lenght is approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds and is 24 frames per second.

I hope you enjoy this movie :)

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omg rupee is furry

This is better than what I thought...

Even if it's not perfect, it can be easliy overlooked. Something about the way you and Rupee seem to do Wade just makes me laugh. I loved how Miyamoto seemed to have an accent even with the computer voices; that was genious. I wasn't expecting for teh Sonic's in Brawl scream either, so more points to you for that! Truly amazing, and worth watching several more times. Good Work


You worked really hard and I know How much my opinion matters to you.


i dont know what else to say about this flash except that it is amazing

I enjoyed it

Hahahaha. I laughed out loud several times. Great job!