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Snowmans Hill

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Draw a line and drop the snowball to get it on the body. Collect the eyes and nose on its way there!

The snowflake makes the snowball bigger and the broom gives a bonus

You can also draw lines when the snowball is on its way.

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too many glitches

This is a good game (even though its incredably hard) but there is just too many glitches.
1. When i dropped the head it came up with a message that said it was out of bounds straight away.
2. The snowball pinged half way across the map when i pressed drop.
3. When i dropped it, it shrank to 1/4 of its size before it even hit the line
4. When i picked up the broom my snowball pinged off the screen and came up with the out of bounds message.

Please fix these glitches and it would be a good game.

A well made game.

Well to start off, this game is definatley well made. The graphics in the submission are smooth, and sleek and fairley well detailed. Although the game is fairley hard, the gameplay in general is fun and quite orginal. Some sort of hint button or somthing would have added that extra reason to keep playing, nontheless the highscores really added another layer of fun to this game. You know what would have been really cool though? If you gace us the option to change the snow color, or something, way out of here to really give an extra bit of orginality. Overall, good stuff, it was made well and it has a score it deserves.

A little difficult...

But very well done. Nice job.


Merry Chrismas!

A really great game.

Reminded me a lot of line rider for some reason, the art and detail was great so was the smooth animation you put into it. The only thing I had a problem with was the snowball spawning at a diffrent point than it was supposed to, a minor bug, but no game can be perfect.


challenging to get broom but fun!