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In Rock 8 Bit

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I made this clip in about 2004. I just heard a piece of music that i really liked(although its quality sucks), added it to an empty flash and started animating random stuff. It was the first flash I made that was that long, and I was very satisfied when I finished it. Because I wanted it all to fit in the music, AND because I was lazy and had no ideas, there are some parts in which there's no animation and nothing moves, but if you'll forgive those, you might enjoy a lot.

The frame-rate is 8fps or 12fps(I can't recall) - I know it sounds terrible! But I'm still proud of the the animation I managed to yield out of such low fps, and with little experience. Hope you'll like it - although if you won't, I still will. :D

- Clive

It has no preloader! I deleted the FLA file a long time ago and couldn't find the SWF version that had the preloader ready. So be patient and wait a bit before you press "play".

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The resolution wassn't that great but the storyline was alright.

Pretty good.

I think it took too long to get to the climax of the story, but it wasn't the most random thing I've seen. The animation was ok, the art was simple, and the fighting was good. Next time I suggest breaking it down a little more, but you are the animator do what you want to do.

Injured-Ninja responds:

I agree with you, it took too long to get to the climax, and it should have been shorter, or more full until the final battle( which I loved XD).
Thank you for a helpful review!
- Clive

Could've been a bit better.

It was pretty good, but there could've been a bit more action. But at least there was some action. It was a little too slow for me. I know you were just trying to make the animation fit the song, but still. Nonetheless, it wasn't that bad, although I didn't quite understand the whole storyline. But good job anyways. Keep up the good work.

Injured-Ninja responds:

Yeah, I too think it should have had more action, and more intense. I love your review, it points out what really needs improvements. Thanks!
- Clive

Strange but pretty awsome

Really enjoyed it, the beginning was kind of random but other than that is was excellent.

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4.28 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2007
8:44 AM EST
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