[GWC]SWC classic: L7C day

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I fixed some color bugs from the first one . Happy L7C day! Its sort of random. Also I made this flash play automaticly.

Note: sorry i forgot to add VegitoX as a co-author.

Oh and to join the GWC go to my userpage www.sparkwattclock.newgro unds.com!

Any Whistle Can Join!!!! !!!

Oh and Lucky-7-Crew Is the real L7C! The other one was hacked by the KK. They lost this one!

Oh guys try to get this in the NG collab collection k?

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How this got passed is beyond me.

There was no music, there was no smooth transition from frame to frame, and the preloader is broken. Fix it before submitting other crap.

And also, did it really take all of you people to make this one flash? I mean, I'm not totally blameless of shitting on the Portal from time to time, but this is attention whoring at its worst.

Helpful advice: make better flash.

Sparkwattclock responds:

Yeah again not very helpful. And this passed along tome ago so stop your whining.


I so wish I had flash... Good work though.

Sparkwattclock responds:

If you want I could give you credit as long as you don't have a flash already.


NIce work, GWC, you truly made this flash shine. Everything was perfect.


Sparkwattclock responds:

Thanks Justin, I thought this flash wouldn't pass. But thanks to votes from you guys it did. Long live GWC, L7C, and LGWC


Sorry, but this isn't going to make it on NG. You need to increase your frame rate to 24 frames a second, and make many more movements. Sorry man. I voted 5 though lol.

Sparkwattclock responds:

It did dude. I know. Thanks for the help though. Yeah and keep up that good music!

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3.50 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2007
6:50 PM EST
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