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SF & MK Side Stories

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MK & SF Side Stories. is what goes on in the world of SF & MK that we dont get to see. Please comment. this is my first time working with flash, and i'll admit it needs some work, but tell me what you like and dont like and i'll try my best to improve on it in the sequal.

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Poor storyline

"Scorpion" was clearly just Reptile wearing a yellow ninja costume, you made him have Reptile's green orb attacks, and even made him have Reptile's face. And Scorpion/ Reptile did not explicitly say his weakness was love, he said he would only die if he avenged his family. Even if his weakness was love, Jade smooching him does NOT equal love.

Well I can tell this is one of your first flashes.

I really can't give you a good score on this, typed voice acting that i can't even read because most of its off the screen, next time try to polish it up a little bit before submittig it, and its a sprite flash which means it was hella easy to make, so the least you can do is make it so we can figure out whats going on. Better luck next time dude.


Very poor storyline, animation, and the damn text isn't even on the screen half the time. Very very poor.


please stop making terrible movies, if you would put a litle more time and effort into them they would be much better