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Danny's Venture is a game of funny adventure. Your aim is t o help Danny to make a way out from the island.

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such a good game man! my names danny! isnt that great? dude did you make this game about me? its my life dude thats what happends to me everyday! hehehe FUCK YOU your a fucking terrible game maker shit dick


while the graphics are awsome, and the layout is equally cool, there are many glihces in the game, I could not get past the second part because every time I jumped on to the top platform, for no reason it would shot me of. On the other hand, dannys movment was very slow and lagy. His jumping seemed unrealistic, and he continued to walk a few seconds after you let go of the button. You should try to fix thoose few things up and you will have an awsome game on your hands.

Graphical content is great...

WHen I saw the opening menu I expected something really great... but there are several things that leave something to be desired in the game. For one, the jumping feels entirely unrealistic. He sort of floats up and back down, maintaining a constant velocity... no feeling of acceleration. Sometimes it is hard to discern what is a platform you can stand on, and what isn't, which puts you in peril a lot. The music loop was really short, and got annoying quickly. And every implement that could kill you caused you to explode in blood in the same way. Overall it is just a bit stiff, and the gameplay doesn't have a real "flow" to it.

Liked it, but...

a bit meesed up physics... yet not bad

Played better things though

The music is annoying...

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4.41 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2007
8:03 AM EST