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the first strike

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Author Comments

the story is the first of about 7 or 8 episodes(and a remake of an earlier version) about an agent sent on a critical assignment...i was just trying to perfect my skillz alittle bit, so i created this movie...it wasn't easy,it took me about six months to complete.i hope you will enjoy it,have fun and dont forget to rate this movie..cheers!!

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Very interesting...

... style in this movie, I must say. The voices were a little too low bitrated though, it was pretty difficult to understand what they said.
When you put music on your next movie, do try to find different short songs/loops that fits the mood of the scenes a little better. It's usually not a good idea to have one song running in the background. To get the most out of it, use as high quality audio you can, score everytihng then animate with using the final ready mixed audio as a "base". Then you will be able to compress everything into mp3 when you exoprt the final product.

Anyway, it was a cool movie, and I really liked it! Keep flashin'!

Looks excelent...

I can tell that you probably either tried to cut back on graphics or use a program of the likes of Roger Wilco for voice acting. For the radio chat, I can understand you going for that sort of effect, but it was very hard to make sense of what was being spoken.

My recommendations would be to amp up the sound quality and syncing like the others would say and this would be really good.

The graphics are really above the bar on this one, just the sound is your only issue,

it´s ok

it´s ok , nice work.but the voices are just horribel :(

Well done

The movie could use some work. If you use a computer generated voice (I think it was computer generated) make it louder and easier to understand. In addition, please: I know JPEGs and other image files are very tempting to use but please, try to animate it. It makes the movie flow a lot smoother. Other than that, the music was excellent and the story was told well.
P.S: Subtitles are your friend.

Rly noa

I see what you did there...
You concentrated on all the advanced effects, but you were careless of the fact that you need GOOD AUDIO...
This is an awesome idea, I mean, it is crazy cool, but I could not understand a word you were saying.
and try not using loops all the time, it is very noticible in this case, and kinda makes us uniterested fast.
You had multiple spelling errors (Mortal Kombart)
Maybe it is a reference, I dont know, but dont try making this anything but an action flick.
Spruce up you textures and detail, you have the looks done, just not the color and effects, and btw, your sfx are way outta sync, for the the helicopter.
I stopped watching it when the he started using the laptop in the car.
I didn`t see how that would have gotten any better

Credits & Info

3.82 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2007
7:53 AM EST