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RuneScape Deadly Noobs 2

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I'm back again, this is the 2nd episode of RuneScape Deadly Noobs.

Be a little patient while loading, the size of this movie is quite big because its longer, but just wait

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My Username on Runescape is almost the same as you are. It is T48Glorius. I got that username by my favorite game Borderlands.

n00b p0wn4ge!

Jacob is right, these noobs populate rs everyday. Sometimes i wish i cud hack(without getting banned [kinda like a "good" hack]) the game to get a gun a blow all the f***ing noobs offa the game. 10/10!!!


happens every day in rs O.O


i want to be a member!!!


Funny, but its a little short and needed better animation. Great story though and very true.

My opinion on RS today: f*** you jagex for making Mabalizing armies minigame (bad spelling) I'mma gonna play WoW!