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Christmas Rush

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Edit 02/19/08: I fixed alot of bugs that I found out by myself, but there are still a couple small ones that I didn't notice. Read my news post for more info.

Hello Newgrounders!

This is my final game for the year. It was really fun to make and one of the most tiring. I spent many night working on it. It took me about 3 weeks working every day.

The objective of the game is to get the red car out of the grid by moving the other cars around. Those who played the board game Rush Hour will find it like it (that's the point). It's christmas and the mall is packed so get out of the traffic jam while you can!

I want to thank everyone who has supported me for another year, as this was a productive year for me. Merry Chrsitmas everyone and I'll see you in 2008!

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Unfortunately, whenever you reset there is a small chance one of the cars will glitch out and be unable to move, thus making any level uncompletable. This is remedied by resetting a second time, but considering it can happen any time in a level to any car, it can be incredibly annoying to lose your progress that way.

On level 15, your blue car with the lime green strip didn't want to move to the right for me. It was good until then, but the fact that it didn't want to move was a put me off.

1st level

was the most difficult. the rest were extremely easy. have a lot of people test the difficulty befor puting up a game like this.

LilDwarf responds:

I was on a deadline so testing wasn't much of an option :3

just get Rush Hour the hasbro kind game

It's a good game but if you really wanted to play a game like this then just get the game rush hour to play on on your desk (it's a kinda board game you know hasbro kinda thing) but other then that it's a good game :)


Bleh good challenging game!