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Dress a Luma!

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ATTENTION!: Press F11 to view this game as a whole. :)
Mathiman says:
Lumas are Rosalina's star childs. They can, like the creator said, talk. They live in the Comet Observatory, they eat bits of stardust called Star bits, if they're carrying a Star bit on a stick, it means they're famished. If it's a mushroom on that stick, they're running a shop called Luma Shop. It sells mushrooms for only 30 star bits.
The black Luma is the oldest and smartest of them all. He also has drawn a map of the Comet Observatory so you can always know in the game which dome (round room that shows 4 galaxies and 1 enemy base (the pink dome or 'Garden' shows no enemy base)) shows which galaxies. I vote 5 and rate 10 because the Lumas you can make are very cute.

Thank you for that description and the rating :)!

My very first game in Flash!

Anyways, this game is just a simple dress up game featuring a random Luma from Mario Galaxy. If you haven't played it before (you need to), all you need to know is that it's just a star... In a Mario game.... That can talk. And they're so adorable! <3
Anyways, please enjoy it whether or not you've played the game or haven't played the game, because I put a decent amount of effort into the actionscript *thank god it's over! D:* and the drawings.

Please enjoy and I'd love to see some Tinypic links to screenshots of your Luma! :)

All musical credit goes to Super Mario Galaxy Soundtrack.

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I love Super Mario Galaxy.
This is a masterpiece to me, being that there are so few games like this based on SMG.
Keep on keepin' on!

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4.05 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2007
2:47 PM EST