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Hey everyone,

Christmas is close and I wish to introduce you to one of my best friends, Ralphy :) He is a fearless deer with big heart and maybe like everyone of us he loves sweets. He is kinda greedy when it comes to Christmas presents and sweets. Make him happy ;)

Merry Christmas

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It was fun. It's challenging, but not too challenging which is good.

The music was good. It would have been better to add more songs though.

The graphics were great. The game had a really good look and feel to it. The animation of the reindeer was good.

The game was really great and really fun. There's not much of anything that should be changed. Have a merry Christmas!


Good clean fun.

Very good fun. A challenge that wasnt so frustrating that I gave up, but not so easy that I got bored.

Challenging but fun

This was really fun. The powerups were good, and the premise was pretty good. Maybe make the powerups easier to see? I took a purple by mistake thinking it was yellow or silver.

hipapatuk responds:

No mistakes, no challange, no fun ;)


yeah this game was pretty much the best game i played today ive been playing it for like over a hour now. I get so addicted to these type of games cause im always like "ok im gonna beat my next high score" so it never stops for me lol, Awsome flash XD

hipapatuk responds:

beating yourself is kinda impossible :D I've already tried that but... it takes time and no result :)

not bad at all

maybe add somewhere a mention, or thanks, to orisinal, as this is clearly a remake of Winterbells - a very well made one too.

hipapatuk responds:

Ya, thanks about the review and I hate people that lie that's why I want to tell you that you are right and the idea for this game is similar and came from the Orisinal's Winterbells, a game that I really respect and love. I tried to make a game similar to theirs but adding some extra staff that I like. Winterbells is a perfect game and you are right maybe here is the place to tell them one big THANK YOU!