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Sherlock Holmes Christmas

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Author Comments

A Christmas submission, and completly different from last years. Except the music is still by Milkman-Dan.

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(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
I've never really been a big fan of the Sherlock Holmes series, but I think this Christmas special may just change that. The jokes were pretty good. Mostly sexual, but I don't mind. You did a good job there. The beginning was great, the ending was great, and everything in between was pretty swell too.

^^Needs Improving^^
The only thing I don't like is the coloring. Everything seems so dark to me. You think you could have had Holmes walking through the forest in the daytime or something?


Graphics/Animation: 8.5
If you're wondering why the score is only an 8.5...I'm about to explain it. The backgrounds were absolutely spectacular...unbelievable. I can't say enough about how awesome the details of the backgrounds were. The downfall were the characters and character movements. The characters seemed really stiff at times and it took away from the finer details of the flash. You have the drawing skill, all you need to do to make this better is use it for the characters. One great thing you were able to do was shadowing on the backgrounds, it was really impressive detail there. Also, one other problem I had were the mouth movements being kindof weak at times, I understand how hard it can be to sync words, but you can definitely put more detail into some areas here.

Sound/Music: 9
The voices in this were really well done I thought, at some times there was a heavy breathing into the mic, but it was clear enough to understand, which is a huge importance to flash movies these days, so great work here. Also, the music was great for the mood, it wasn't inappropriate for your plot which is also huge points for this category. Great job here

Humor: 10
I love dirty humor, so anything like this is a winner in my book. Not only was the dirty humor entertaining, but the sheep (my favorite character) made me crack up every scene. Just because it was so funny how it was drawn, and then on top of that how it was acting when Santa was talking to Sherlock Holmes. Great humor...10/10 and I hope you bring out more flashes like this. The indirectly dirty jokes were what made this so funny.

Story: 9
I don't normally do a "story" category on grading flashes, but this one actually had a solid storyline. The whole "gift that keeps giving" is always a good way to go, especially during the holidays. There were really no flaws here, so great job with the script for the characters and the steps through Sherlock went through to finally reach a decent ending.

Originality: 10/10
Without a doubt I thought this was very original, sure it had an unoriginal theme: "the gift that keeps giving," but there were so many extras that helped give it a boost to be original. Such as the sheep and the types of things that Holmes ran into on his quest for a new Christmas tree, a lot of very unexpected humor and events.

Overall: 9/10
Overall I'd say that this was a great flash, it excelled in most of the important areas, and the only part that really needed work was some of the animation. I really love the humor, but I can't emphasize it enough in this review, so I won't go on about it. You've done some great work here, and I hope you improve enough to make a flash that hits the Top 50!

Pigmash responds:

Thanks for that nice long review, if you liked the humour in this its the same style of humour in the other episodes too...


The backgrounds here where drawn pretty well but you might want to work on the drawing of the people and some of the animation, but they where pretty good. The voice acting could be better in parts, it was a little quiet overall and some of them seemed to lack much depth, the jokes might have been a little funnier if you had a little more emotion in the voice acting.

The story was okay as a whole, though maybe a little too many sex jokes, a few is okay but maybe you went a little over the top, use a mix of jokes as oppose to a majority of one. But keep working at it :)



= Review Request Club =


A very nice flash. I really like the graphics! It's amazing how many detailes you put in there. Even the backgrounds were very detailed. It's always nice to see that at least some flash artists care about their backgrounds ;) .

Also, the many wordplays and funny dialogues in this flash were very good and kept me interested while I was watching it.

Only drawback is the quite low sound quality of the voices. Sometimes sounds like 'p' or 's' are a bit too hard, so that one can hear your breath blowing into the microphone. Also I think that the sound was a bit too quiet.

I think subtitles would have been nice, that way it would have been a bit easier for me to follow the conversations (I am not a native speaker, so sometimes I takes me a bit longer to get some words/jokes ;) ).

{ Review Request Club }

Pigmash responds:

Yeah, I should have re-recorded some of the voices, I think I was just frustrated with how some lines were coming out with punchy P sounds everytime so I just tried to make them less noticable instead. Thanks for the review.


Merry Christmas! I havn't been following this series at all, but maybe doing so would be a good idea. Great animation, great concept, great sound. I can't find anything to improve in it, maybe add more detail, but then again it looks neat and stylsih as it is. Keep up the good work!


Credits & Info

3.69 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2007
10:38 AM EST