snow boarding

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Be aware this is my first long animation so dont expect it to be perfect or well.. good. The teacher better give me a decent grade on it. Any further flashes should be much better. Oh and the music is from here on newgrounds if anyone knows the artist let me know. I dont remember it.




Thaught it was funny and cute, lol. Know you worked long and hard for this final, but it came out good. I liked the drawing of the people.

good work!

it was kinda funny watching it because the people looked flat, like they were lying down. but other then that it was a great movie for a first try
im sure the teacher will give you an A

Next time

It didn't completely suck, but I know next time will be better. And for this being your first animation, that's pretty good.

good job

you did a good job. oh and the misic is called [Phienix featherg-r] by g-r4ve
if that does not help look at my (mario easter animation) and that has the song too.

3/10 (Decent)

Smoothing it out would have made it more enjoyable, but also would have probably tripled the frames needed - this can obviously be time consuming, and as this was a project for school I'm assuming you were under a time constraint. Perhaps a slightly more developed story would have been nice, but it fits for what it was. A bit choppy and simplistic, but you didn't claim otherwise. Nice job for your first animoot - nobody said this shit was easy :D

Keep it up, I'll be looking forward to future projects ;)

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Dec 17, 2007
10:34 PM EST
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