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Attack of the Worms

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Author Comments

I made this with my mate over a few days and it was pretty easy so wen u wotch this mate. :-D

Flash 8+
Many frames and
A few days work.

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Good animation mixed in a little movie...
But it looks like you're having an animated epileptic seizure on camera involving two worms...
But that's exactly why I liked it :)
And a bit more light in the background would really help

GingerWarlord responds:

Lol thanks just a quick mess around though lol, The tree in the background :P


You could, at least, PM me for the song!
Well I can't say that it's a very impressive work, and that the song is very well used.
You just took it and paste it over your animation.
But, as it doesn't deserve the "turd of the week" and shows some will to create something good, I give a 4/10 and 3/5.
Keep goin'! :)

Eh, pretty crappy.

Really nothing to it... sorry

GingerWarlord responds:

Try it yourself, you would soon say different...

lol that was funny

worms are evil i knew it

GingerWarlord responds:

LOL thanks but this space is kinda used for proper reviews thx.

This sucks

Poorly animated amd barely animated. All you have is a video and little squiggles that are supposed to be worms. Maybe next time.

GingerWarlord responds:

Im not sure if youv'e tried it yourself, but it's been done mostly drawing by drawing.