Berry Brawl

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Ready...aim...fire...SPLA T! Get in on the messy action with Berry Brawl, the multiplayer game filled with berry bashing fun! Use your dodging and throwing skills to fight it out in funky landscapes - a gritty metropolis, a steamy jungle, or a treacherous mountain range. Last team standing wins the game!


I am sorry, but this was not enjoyable for me. I thought it would be better. I guess there aren't many people to play with. I couldn't get any good height in this game. I can't help but think I'm playing it wrong? It just didn't make much sense.

I don't know you'd throw a ball at berries. The setting wasn't that bad. There just didn't seem to be much point. The music was okay. There was nothing that appealing to me.


Well, the idea was good, but the gameplay is a little too slow and the graphics are a bit small. The weapons aren't really all THAT different, and why are we throwing "berries"? Anyway, I won the first match very easily, and I'm pretty sure my opponent never figured out the controls. Needs some development a la those tank battle/artillery battle games.

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Implementation is pretty spot-on...

But the concept itself leaves much to be desired. Why are we shooting berries again? Also, the walking of the character was ultra-slow, which I am sure was a way in which to limit how quickly you could approach targets in multi-player mode, but it just made the game seem slow and uneventful overall. Only being able to see your thos play outevery ten seconds was also a bummer. Its just too much time to have to invest in something like this.

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waist of time

i tried clicking over and over and nothing happened.and oce it did it was to late..


takes to long in many ways, and well I don't really see the point, on the bright side, there are some buetiful graphics, and smooth animation. Over all its alright.

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3.12 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2007
11:17 AM EST
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