Pokey Gets Spun To Death

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Made this a while ago, spent half an hour on it in school and about 15 minutes at home adding touches such as music. Don't expect anything epic like I've been telling some of you (yes, I am still working on DEATH PANDA).

I'm submitting this in the small hope that it will make you lol as much as my friends did.


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what has newgrounds come too

It seems with the quality of service and the GUI going up, the quality of passed submissions goes down..

This is nothing more than a simple fun fart of a flash meant for trash sites such as youtube..

half an hour half assed submissions are not what newgrounds is about, its flashes like these that add to the pain..

Morphox responds:

Haha, you make me laugh, "add to the pain..". Now why don't you get off this site and go watch Naruto and perhaps think of some more unoriginal names?

pretty good

not bad for forty-five minutes worth of work

Morphox responds:


nice movie

a bit small but the exelance shines through

Morphox responds:

Hehe. Thanks alot.

He died with honor.

Now remember, without centrifugal force, his death would have never taken place. Let's hear it for physics!

Ya it was cool. But you need to explain why he has a death sentence, why he is being prosecuted. Otherwise, a decent animation.

Morphox responds:

Thanks. I'll get to work on that soon!


I love these kind of random things!

please make more

p.s. I like the credits

Morphox responds:

Cheers. I will make more soon, hopefully with decent animation and perhaps a plot!