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Pass-my-Flash 1

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This was a project that ran in early Autumn but kind of faded out with all the shenanigans that i get myself into. Anyway the concept of this was fairly simple, one artist animates a chunk then passes it on to the next one, the next artist has to find a way to pick up from where the previous artist left off and then add his own spin to it. Its a snowball effect if you will.

It's pretty short and sweet, i'll try and get a few more of these going next year on a semi-regular basis.

Special thanks to anyone that took interest in the project, specially my pal The-Swain.

The audio for anyone wondering is called the Tritsch-Tratsch Polka, by Johann Strauss Jr.


There's a user here just named D? Oh well, this is still a great cartoon. I had no idea it would be a collab. I thought it would just be a satire of how to pass your flash. I guess it was in a way. The animation was great.

It's nice to see all these authors use the same style. Well, the same background. The lack of color really made it work. It's always great when artists work together like this. I honestly couldn't recognize most of their work here.

Interesting collaboration. The animation was excellent. Kudos to all involved.


The animation and music timed together very well my only fault is it was too short :P

Make another bigger, longer, ... yeah..

pretty good...

I found the music somewhat unfitting to the entire piece. I enjoyed the concept though.

Actually rather good!

I like the concept, animating a short, then handing over the flash to another artist - it is certainly capable of creating quite the masterpiece! This was in particular enjoyable for me as it reminded me of the interwoven madness of Monty Python's Flying Circus cartoon strips that they would air at the begining of the show. :)

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4.20 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2007
11:48 AM EST
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