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The Parrot Hunter

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A plague of unidentified parrots is causing alarm in Fission City. Citizens are growing increasingly worried as more and more of these parrots occupy their homeland. Can you control the plague?

- Shoot the green parrots
- Shooting at other objects/birds can lower your score.
... and don't forget that killing is illegal!

For more information, view the in-game instructions.

Have fun!

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didn't like, bad game tsc tsc



I like the clean and beautiful background and how you can interact with them.
And how you need to put some strategy to kill a lot of birds instead just one per shot. This might one of few shoting games that doesn't involve gore and blood


Really clean game, a little more backgrounds levels would be cute... and what's the money for? Is it just a score issue?

thomas-devon responds:

Thank you for your comments.
Yes, unfortunately in this version, money is only a score issue. We plan to make some more versions soon, though, and we'll probably add more options.

A somewhat amusing time-waster,

But ultimately, the Parrot Hunter fails as a game. Sure, it's cathartic to shoot flying birds, but let's face it, this game has almost nothing to it. You can shoot two birds with one shell sometimes, since you're apparently using a shotgun, despite the fact that the bullet shown for ammo is clearly a 7.62mm rifle round.

But that's okay, I mean, there's a financial element, right? Well, no, there's not. Getting cash is retardedly easy, I bet all I had on the stocks for the first five levels, then played it safe on the bank from level 6-9, then did the stocks again, and had over 1 million and a half.

Of course, it dosen't really matter, as the only point of the financial part of the game is to bail you out of jail for murdering a person, something which you will cheerfully do after all those parrots you've shot; however, your justice system dosen't seem to take a hint. I pay a thousand dollars of 'bail', wait what? A thousand bucks, and I have over a million dollars in the bank?

Flight risk, anyone? But that's okay, because I never take my money and run, I just go right back to the park, with a loaded weapon which they seem to have neglected to relieve me of, and shoot another person. I hope for the shoeless girls, they're fun to shoot for some bizzare and scary reason. And they keep arresting me, and dragging me back to jail, and letting me get out scott-free for only a thousand dollars.

At this rate, I can kill 1,500 people before I've run out of the money to spring myself from prison, thus making me clearly the most prolific serial murderer of all time, and proving that your justice system is utterly incompetent.

Seriously, if you're going to go to the trouble of making a financial system, you could at least give me something to use that money ON, like new weapons, more ammo, or something!

Nothing too new but some interesting features

I completely fail to understand why anybody would get money for shooting parrots.. or would play a game where he gets virtual money for shooting parrots. Besides that, it is your average click-on-moving-things-to-shoot-them-

There are some crazy features though. There are some amazingly long and elaborate cut scenes, which you don't really need in this kind of game but they are still somewhat impressive. Then there is the option to invest the money you've got to earn even more money without shooting parrots which is just bizzare because I thought shooting parrots was the point of the game.

Nice, interesting game with some "production value" but, as I said, the gameplay is quite boring.