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Shoot Santa's Reindeer

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Because the first reviewers that reviewed me seemed to be annoyed by a sound of pain the reindeers made, I decided to change the sound. Please tell me if it's worse!

Made especially for the ArmorGames/Newgrounds Christmas Competition, 'Shoot Santa's Reindeer' is a fun Christmas game with a collage style, music based on that Christmas classic 'Jingle Bells' and actual images of reindeer, skulls and guts!

The game was made in two weeks as I had started making the game when the deadline was only two and a half weeks away - plus, I wanted to release the game a substantial amount of time before Christmas Day itself, so I released it ten days before Christmas Eve on the 14th of December.

All in all there is not too much to say about this game as the game itself is very short depending on how many attempts you make on killing all of the reindeer. To tell you how challenging the last part of the game is, I couldn't actually finish the game myself!

Anyway, I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year, as well as great joy killing off reindeer. I hope you don't get into any messes this Christmas with reindeer! Now go and play the game and stop reading!

From Caltoons

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Could've been a lot better. Just wasn't really that fun. Wasn't addicting, either. It was only even sort of fun the first few tries. Try to make your games longer, and try to make them... well... different. Also, the sound effect for the reindeer dying was kindof annoying. Just FYI. Other than that, though, you don't seem like that bad of an animator, and you could end up making some great games! (and you actually put a good author comment! Woo-hoo!)

lol fun...

The sound that the reindeers make when they die are kinda annoying though x.x