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Super Turbo Gaming Deluxe: Episode One 'AnniversiWii'

Despite missing our originally intended release date on the 8th of December to coincide with the Wii's one-year anniversary in the UK, the first episode of Super Turbo Gaming Deluxe is now complete!

In this premiere episode, the three flatmates Ben, Matt and Lewis look back on some of the highs and lows of the previous year and prove living with Mario and Link isn't as cool as it sounds.

We sincerely apologise for some audio being of substandard quality but we were unable to export in MP3 due to synching problems. Nonetheless we hope you enjoy the episode.

Happy (belated) AnniversiWii!!!

NOTE: Sorry to all those who watched, rated and reviewed the flash before we re-submitted it but our reasons below explain why we did so.

1. The sound quality was poor and had lots of crackle and was generally unpleasing on the ears.
2. A small amount of people who viewed the episode thought the beginning credits were in fact the end ones and so stopped watching half way through. They have now been placed right at the start so there is no confusion.
3. To add some sound effects we missed out.
4. To lower the filesize a bit.

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Interesting... and 180 degrees from Miscle Bird...

I think I just figured it out. You're not just one guy, are you? I mean all of these cartoons of yours have been pretty different in terms of style, writing, humor and quality. I'ma check something, real quick...

Yup. By actually visiting that URL you kept flashing in my face before and after each cartoon, I was able to cleverly deduce that you are a team of four guys. That certianly explains it. Moving on...

This was pretty good as far as gaming humor goes. I'm glad you didn't waste a lot of time on sitcom-esque name-repeating and boring character interaction. You just laid the basic bare minimum groundwork and moved on to the references, flashbacks, and cutscenes.

Not especially original, but pretty well-executed. I'm not surprised to notice that this is also a but older than your other submissions. I like how you sketched (or vectorized) caricatures of all those video game characters. Most people on NG would just drop in a JPEG of the characters. This way, everything kinda blends together as part of a uniform style. So good job, there.

The animation was a little wonky, little more than talking heads and with a rough surface that really doesn't take advantage of Flash's vector capabilities, but for what is basically a gamer webcomic set in motion, I guess you really don't need anything more than that. I've seen gamer toons with better surface than this that really weren't as funny.

(Then again, there's always Bonus Stage, which is the funniest damn thing evar, and constantly flipped between incredibly crisp surface and intricately-crafted frame-by-frame. But I'm not going to hold you to Matt Wilson's work, because that wouldn't be fair.)

This concludes my review tour of Royal Toaster's submissions. I'm glad I discovered your work, and I hope my reviews were genuinely helpful and not too much of a blow to your collective egos. Please IM me if you'd like my input on whatever you're working on currently. I can't always think of a great idea on my own, but I seem to be dynamite at looking at someone else's work and telling them what I would have done differently.

Thanks for being good sports. :) Feel free to rip apart my pretty-much mediocre flash games in reviews of your own.


I loved the 2p Metal Gear Solid joke when all the customers had the '!' above their head. :D This is brilliant, I look forward to number 2.


I think it could have got a lot funnier, but it was so damn long. And I wasn't going to watch them rant on about how Mario Sunshine was terrible, and the 8-bit world and all of that shit. Try to make it shorter please. Otherwise, good job.

BorrisMoose responds:

Cheers for your feedback it is appreciated. There wasn't too much more left but we felt we wanted to have fairly long episodes so we could focus on specific subjects. Thanks for the review.


That was great! I hope you continue to make more of these videos!
This looks like a series i'd enjoy following.


BorrisMoose responds:

Glad you enjoyed it, I don't know when we will be making the next one because of other projects but I can tell you one thing for sure, the next episode will not be so wii-centric. Thanks for the review.

mgs zelda lol

i liked the meatal gear sound effects and the zelda ones too lol

BorrisMoose responds:

Yeh the MGS alert sound always gets me too.

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Dec 14, 2007
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