The Quatrix

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Hey,there's a game called quake2,I really like it,and I also like the matrix movie.So I made this movie,the matrix and quake2 put together.Injoe my movie! =)

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Is that it? It needed more to it.

What you had looked alright, but there just wasn't much in it at all, the main character killed a guy, got shot at, stopped the bullet and then it just ended, you should have continued on from that, had him kill the people in the room and then have some story in it along with more action. You needed story to this as there wasn't any story at all, which it really did need to make it stand out from the rest. You also should have had sound effects in it, like when he was firing the gun and stuff, as it seemed weird without it.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


keep trying

i know that wasnt meant to be nothing more than just an idea in your head you wanted to share but if you wanted that to work, you will have to learn flash more, when you have gained more experience as both artist and animaitor try it again and you will do yourself and idea more justice.


take the time out to actually make a good flash with good graphics and plz throw this piece of shit out and take some computer drawing lessons, not sayin there is no hope butu definitely need work, on length, graphics mainly, and u should put more than three bad guys in the "quatrix"

three's the number...

I actually didn't like it very much, I'm not saying it's awful or nothing, theres just a lot of room for improvement... good luck.

): No good :(

Hey, nice try anyway, you should improve your drawning, and make it longer, whatever.

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Jul 31, 2000
9:53 PM EDT