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Braids NEON

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Braids NEON is a ragdoll fighting game, for one or two players.

You can use either the keyboard or the mouse.
(or both, if you like playing with yourself)

space bar - activate red player (keyboard), go into defensive guard stance
arrow keys - move red's head around
escape key - bring up menu, go to next round

left mouse button - activate blue player (mouse), go into defensive guard stance
move mouse cursor - move blue's head around

Go to Kongregate.com to play it with high scores.

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hey dragonshinzuio8

dragonshinzuio8 you couse damage by hitting ur opponent with ur limbs


A neat concept, but the controls are somewhat off kilter, and it's hard to figure out how exactly I do damage. Is it based on speed? or location?
Also, I couldn't figure out what guard did. Still cool though.

try rubber ninjas and you will rate this game 0.

the reason why is because rubber ninjas is alot like this, but is 3d, has weapons, different characters and is more matrix-like. true slo-mo annoyes me, but it is still the best ragdoll physics fighting game ever.

awesome game

i figured out a trick for this game.......when u start the CPU will run into you having u get the first hit then after that keep going up having your feet facing the CPU he will come straight for you and you automatically get hits in.....do this until you win


awsome graphics, a little complicated but nice.