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Blackjew Episode 1

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Author Comments

Blackjew episode 1. Hope you all had a Happy Hanukkah, cus blackjew didn't, due to racism. :(

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thet was...

actually funny
as a jew,i understand the life of the poor,poor hamster...

FatBadger responds:


Credits were best for me

That was not sarcasm. Only thing that i found funny was "50cent and a jew". Not my type of humor so no 10 from me.

i didnt see anything to whine over..

it was an okay short..it wouldve got a 10 star but Fat Badger used 50 cent music..Im black and im not worried about what Fat Badger thinks..he is entitled to his own opinions. First Amendment sirs..freedom of speech..In the end..who is the bigger person for not whining?

FatBadger responds:

agreed sir, and you know me from aim that I joke around and stuff, thats what this was, a joke, is a joke really worth getting that upset for, no, but to some people it looks like it is.

really, really pointless

only one question: why did you take a bad, with racist character and developed it?
graphics 2/10
humor 0/10
sound 1/10

sorry dude...and about those 20+ awards you won...I don't think turd of the week is an award you should be proud of...
Newgrounds users should not let this kind of animation pass

FatBadger responds:

the people voted on it and it passed, therefore some want this here, whining isnt going to remove this so stfu.