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An Elf called Yoda 2

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The sequel to the slightly unsucceslful An Elf called Yoda 1. An Elf called Yoda 2 is a short movie in another day of Yoda's life. Yoda decides to invite Mace Windu for dinner to repay him for kicking him in the face when Count Dooku and his secret apprentice attacks the city. All drawings are drawn by me, all sounds, voices and music were extracted from various internet sites. Very special thanks to the Star Wars Kid aswell.

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Pretty good

Although the drawing and animation left a little to be desired, I really liked this animation. It had it's own atmosphere for sure and I was impressed out long it was, felt like a real cartoon. I also liked your use of music and random scenes like yoda playing gameboy.


the drawings pretty bad but i liked it :D funny and i liked the couple of random pulp fiction quotes lolz

That certain something... if you squint.

Read the whole review, because it's not all trash-n-bash:

First off, the drawing is horrid. The plot is like a one-liner gone bad. That aside, I couldn't look away! When you go to a demolition derby, the cars look like crap, but you're entertained long after the smoke clears. Same thing here. The randomness never gets stale. Progression between scenes is smooth and better than expected. The sound clips and drops add much to the movie, even if you can't quite place every one. This had me laughing thoughout. Star Wars Kid? Dang. For a second, I wasn't sure if Yoda had that one in the bag. Nice job. Work on those drawings, or maybe do a collab with an artist around here. Take your time and polish the look.


i dont know whats up but, i know you draw for crap, animation was severely lacking but how you executed was...i would say ingenious. i dont know how you pulled it off. I mean...the whole movie was stupid beyond belief, but it was stupid funny and the funny little audio clips you put in was just great. Indeed work on your animation but by golly keep fine tuning the humor.


I give you 3 for effort.
It was just not good. Yoda looked cool, but it was a single drawing flying around the screen.
Take this back to the drawing board, put some time in and it just might work.
It is the little details that make flash work. Simply animation with precise detail makes it work.
Note this;
It didnt suck. It just needs focus, and lots of work. Keep it up, your way ahead of lots of stuff, you just need polish, and work. lots of hard work.
The effort you put in will show, in your moivues and your scores.